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Houston HCG Diet Doctor at Equilibrium Houston, believes that focused resources will lead to excellence in patient results and care. To that end, Equilibrium of Houston has only two practice areas, which are weight loss and Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Since its inception, Equilibrium has successfully treated thousands of medical weight loss patients. They have several medical weight loss programs for prospective patients. The physician will determine which program best suits a patient’s unique needs and whether he or she qualifies for treatment. Once a patient starts a program, the patient care team will work with the individual on a weekly basis to insure that he or she not only achieves weight loss goals but also maintains the new body composition and weight once leaving the clinic’s care. The proprietary protocols include The HCG diet, Phentermine, Qsymia, and natural weight loss.

How does the HCG diet work?

Houston HCG Diet Doctor

The protocol makes use of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, which is isolated from the bodies of pregnant women. The main use of this hormone is that it helps to enhance the metabolic rate in the body, which helps in easier digestion.

The purpose during pregnancy is to help the development of the fetus. It also plays a pivotal role in breaking down the stored fats of the body and due to the increase the amount of broken down fats the energy level in the body increases rapidly.

This will actually trick your body in believing that you are eating more than 500 calories a day.

During the program, the pharmaceutical grade hormone is injected daily into patients, which will enable the patients to consume lesser calories and makes them feel full without the need to starve even on such a low-calorie diet. The shot is just like a shot of insulin; so, it is painless and easy.

Burning Fat With The HCG Diet

Maybe it’s the thighs, stomach, or upper arms that have accumulated fat stores, but regardless of where it is, many people have at least one area that makes them feel self conscious because it isn’t as lean and toned as they would like it to be. Many people have a problem area where stubborn fat gathers and stays. Even with diet and exercise, these certain spots can linger, leading to much frustration. The HCG quick weight loss plan is the perfect solution because it is highly effective at burning fat from problem areas.

First of all, it is a myth that it is possible to cause the body to lose fat from only a certain area. People can tone a specific area with exercises, but they cannot cause the body to burn fat in one specific location. To get rid of weight in certain problem areas, people will have to follow a weight loss plan designed to attack body fat in general. Weight loss will likely occur from all over the body, not just in problem areas. More importantly, patients must make sure that the weight they are losing is mainly fat, not muscle tone.

Unlike many weight loss programs, the HCG diet is focused on one main goal, which is ridding the body of unwanted body fat. The weight lost on the HCG diet is almost completely fat, not muscle mass or water weight. HCG has been called a miracle weight loss solution because it specifically targets body fat and causes the body to burn fat for energy, rather than calories from food. It is the only diet of its kind that launches the body into fat burning mode rather than starvation mode.

Because the body is feeding off of body fat, patients likely will not experience the hunger usually associated with diets. This is a diet plan that’s easy to stick with. Don’t let stubborn body fat stand in the way of achieving weight loss goals. Burning fat from problem areas and transforming the body is much easier than many people think. Using the HCG Diet Plan to blast away fat and get rid of problem areas once and for all is an effective plan for weight loss.

All of the Programs are physician-directed by our licensed medical doctors. The patient’s participation is subject to his or her personal medical history, lab results, and physical evaluation by one of Equilibrium’s physicians. The clinic has multiple locations, and upon calling, patients can decide which location is most convenient.

Questions? Please call Houston HCG Diet Doctor of Equilibrium Weight Loss & Longevity directly at 800-775-5201 Ext. 252 to discuss your weight loss goals and schedule an HCG Diet and HCG Medical Weight Loss consultation.